Control Panels

Control Panel Design, Building, Installation & Maintenance

Control Panels are our specialty

We can assist with all of your Control Panel needs and have vast experience designing, building, installing and maintaining Control Panels throughout Australia and as far afield as The Middle East, India, Russia, China, Europe, USA, and Papua New Guinea.

Whether we are subcontracting for a larger provider or working directly for the end user, you can be sure that a Control Panel manufactured and installed by Claxton Electrical is of the highest quality.

We have built panels to suit both indoor and outdoor applications – ranging from stainless steel, to steel and aluminium with heat shields. The majority of our control panels are located in areas that require close attention to site specifications and/or certifications – e.g. the food industry, hazardous areas and remote areas.

Our Control Panel Services are as follows:

  • Design from conception to completion
  • Build from existing drawings
  • Supply engineering, drawings and programming
  • Installation and connection of control panels and switchboards

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When you engage Claxton Electrical to complete the electrical work in your project, we provide you with the most cost effective outcome without compromising on quality or safety.